"L’antiféminisme est la délégitimation de ce que le féminisme a apporté à l’humanité. Il se diffuse maintenant auprès des femmes comme des hommes, parce que les femmes, dans les sociétés patriarcales, ont été éduquées et socialisées pour fonctionner de manière conforme au patriarcat."
— Marcela Lagarde (via

Future Fantastic, photo shoot for Show/Off #3, 2010Erika Mizuno, 1BA, 2010

Fashion! Antwerp! Academy!: 50 years of Fashion Academy, Lannoo Publishers
— Scarlett O’Hara, Gone With The Wind, Margaret Mitchell.
Gone With The Wind.
Gone With The Wind, 1939, directed by Victor Fleming.
Starring Vivian Leigh as Scarlett O’Hara.

oof la flappy flap


Lou Reed - Satellite of Love

Up Close: Nightgown 1930s (X)

I don’t know what your name is
But I know that you exist
I know that sometime someone will love me

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Danielle Kroll

Wedding Ensemble

Wedding ensemble from the Struge region in Albania. The outfit consists of five parts: a shirt, harem-style pants, waistcoat, waist scarf and head scarf. This outfit was part of a young Muslim Albanian woman’s trousseau during the early 20th century. It was woven on a large silk weaving loom. She was betrothed to be married but her fiancé died in tragic circumstances and the wedding did not proceed. The young woman never married and the costume remained unworn until it was given by her family to Erik Lloga, a friend of the family, who migrated to Australia from Albania in 1969. The family were keen for him to ‘save’ the costume and the cultural traditions it represented, at a time when such traditions were under threat of survival in many eastern bloc states.

Museum of Victoria